Launch Week: Grandeur 2.0 🔥

December 2022

The vision is to make Grandeur more accessible and lower the learning curve. We always envisioned Grandeur to be a 0–1 tool for IoT developers. The thing about great tools is that they get out of your way.

Like we promised we’re here with all the techy details today. Today is about product. Everything rest of us do, DevRel, sales, Ops, business, all is in service of what these geeks build. They make it all, they design these beautiful experiences that shift landscapes. They make lives of us IoT engineers worth living. I am so excited about today, the things we are going to launch are literally the end-product of this whole year.

The Force Behind - Backend


A lots been happening behind the curtain and no one has been into rest mode as we launch our REST API. It was largely centered about Grandeur to be more extensible while being the simplest tool in the bunch. Create a tool which feels like it does not need to be learnt. Just plain intuition. And tools should be interoperable, not limit the usefulness in any case. REST API seemed like the only probable solution. It can surely do wonders. So what does it actually do? It brings in more ways for developers to consume their data. Now you do not have you use our SDK’s, just do your magic since it provides the endpoint for all the services we have.

And here is a list of all you can do with it.:

1️⃣ Creating a tool using Retool.

2️⃣ Integration with IFTTT, Grafana and what not.

3️⃣  Creating bots (hopefully someday autobots) but for now think of Slack and Discord. We’ve already got two discord bots up and running.

4️⃣ Your ML/DL models can now get data without worrying too much about data integration

From here

We are bringing an MQTT Integration for Grandeur. Releasing 1 week of January, it's already in Alpha and will be here anytime. Now your “small code footprint” devices would be able to seamlessly connect with Grandeur . Just bring in any device you want to Grandeur , and a huge shoutout to Temporal which is the real force behind it. Want to know how? We’ll shortly release a whole article about it.

You get the whole deal

See. We’ve got the whole package for you. REST API opens all your doors at the output side where you can play with your data any way you want to while the MQTT integration opens all your doors at the input side allowing you to bring the device of your choice to our platform.

Dishing out our Dashboard - Grandeur 2.0

Making Grandeur more accessible and lowering the learning curve. We always envisioned Grandeur to be a 0-1 tool for IoT developers. The thing about great tools is that they get out of your way.

Console is one of the key touch points for developers. You use our console to manage your devices, users and integrations. You can view device data in realtime and build custom dashboards. With Canvas, developers are now spending considerable amount of time on our dashboard. It turning into an important debugging, testing and management.

But while, the over all developer experience of our platform has improved a lot, our console has been quite lagging behind. There are so much possibilities and we can take steps to really impact the lives of developers who are depending on Grandeur and that is what we have done. Take a radical step and redesign our console from scratch.

Design principles

We wanted our next console to be developer first. So it was important to set the goals and guiding principles. Here are the things that we wanted to achieve with this

1️⃣  Time to activate first device is the core KPI. We wanted to really optimise the time it takes developers to bring a new device online.

2️⃣  Our next console should be minimal. You should be able to access the important information as quickly as possible with minimum amount of clicks.

3️⃣  The console should grow with the users. One dashboard cannot fit all use cases. We want to make it possible for developers to customise their dashboards and prioritise information which matters the most to them.

Grandeur 2.0 in the essence

1️⃣ You now directly land on home with list of all devices. No fuss at all. This way, you can manage devices and access device data much more quickly.

2️⃣  You can add a new device by just typing in the name. It is that simple.

3️⃣  And each device gets it's own canvas. Giving you countless ways to visualise your data and interact with your devices.

From here

This is a start of a new phase for Grandeur and we are now onto something even more ground breaking.

1️⃣  We are bringing streams to devices. We are integrating datastore with devices, means you can store historical data of devices.-plot it also

2️⃣  Canvas sharing, templates and customization.  It is about making it possible for developers to collaborate and get feedback instantly

What’s More

You think we’re done. You got it wrong. We have got something in store for you tomorrow also. Tune in to see how we cracked the marketing code. If you have any questions, feedback, or requests to make, discord is the fastest way to reach us because we are never off it. Join us there and we’ll see you on the other side.