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101 reasons why Cloud Providers are not IoT Platforms

Cloud providers put something on the menu for everyone that makes it inherently complicated in both architecture and pricing while IoT platforms focus on just one thing.

Created in October 2022

5 ways IoT is changing healthcare

How IoT is making healthcare safer, more precise, and more accessible.

Created in June 2022

Announcing Wired UCLA 🔥

We are thrilled to partner with IEEE to bring Wired to UCLA.

Created in August 2022

GPT-4 and IoT: The Next Frontier

With the Introduction of Chat GPT-4 and with the ability to communicate with IoT devices all sci-fi fantasies are becoming a reality. From smarter homes to personalized healthcare and even safer transportation, the possibilities are endless!

Created in March 2023

Grandeur Journal x Jamal Nasir

Chapter I : Jamal Nasir

Created in February 2023

Grinch Stole Christmas: Supply Chain Frenzy in the World

The Grinch steals the supply chain this Christmas. There won't be any bells to jingle or gifts to give for the whole world will be Whoville.

Created in December 2022

How Grandeur Works

No summary available.

Created in April 2023

How IoT is revolutionizing Logistics in 2022

How IoT is helping businesses plan and monitor better and heighten the security of all operations.

Created in June 2022

How the Best IoT Platforms in 2022 Look Like

A list of platforms I have worked on over the years 🤙🏻 Arduino, Particle, Thingsboard, and more

Created in February 2022

How to Select the Right IoT Platform for Your Project

What elements you should consider to make sure you are choosing the right platform for your IoT project

Created in March 2022

IoT: Once Upon a Time in Future

The present of IoT will complement its future. Near-future IoT and AI will connect machines and humans to the point where every machine will be voice automated and understand their owner's patterns.

Created in November 2022

Is building really better than buying an IoT Platform?

Total cost of ownership, time to market, and level of control you need, are some questions that answer if you should build or buy IoT Platform.

Created in April 2022

Launch Week: All About Community 🔥

Every product needs a community, especially if you are a dev tool.

Created in December 2022

Launch Week: Grandeur 2.0 🔥

The vision is to make Grandeur more accessible and lower the learning curve. We always envisioned Grandeur to be a 0–1 tool for IoT developers. The thing about great tools is that they get out of your way.

Created in December 2022

Launch Week II : Kickoff 🔥

This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions. We think that we are at the right scale and it is time to take more responsibility. We want to involve the community every step along the way.

Created in May 2023

Launch Week: Kickoff 🔥

This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions. We think that we are at the right scale and it is time to take more responsibility. We want to involve the community every step along the way.

Created in December 2022

Launching Grandeur Makers Program

Kickstart your next IoT project with Grandeur. Get micro grants, cloud credits and much more 🙌

Created in February 2022

Mischief Managed: IoT helps Grinch solve Supply Chain Issues

The Grinch finds redemption. Supply chain issues needed to be resolved and IoT will help Grinch do just that. It's time all the bells jingle.

Created in January 2023

Rest is h̶i̶s̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ the future.

We've launched our REST API 🎉. You can now integrate Grandeur to other platforms like Grafana, Retool, and Datacake.

Created in May 2023

Temporal and Architecture Shift at Grandeur Backend

An insight into Temporal and how we used it for the architecture shift at Grandeur backend.

Created in February 2023

The Most Important Checklist for Starting an IoT Project

The most important decisions to make for your IoT project are the microcontroller, connectivity, and the visualization platform.

Created in December 2022

This is the Right Way to Choose an IoT Project

No idea is dumb. People who say that ideas are dumb are dumb. And anyone who says that ideas don’t matter, execution does is only partially dumb. IoT Projects follow the same rule.

Created in November 2022

Top 5 Use Cases of IoT in Agriculture

How IoT is positively impacting the agriculture sector.

Created in April 2022

Top IoT platforms for 2024

No summary available.

Created in October 2023

What’s stopping IoT from going mainstream?

Why has IoT not hit its projected boom after so much buzz?

Created in September 2022