Launch Week II : Kickoff 🔥

This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions. We think that we are at the right scale and it is time to take more responsibility. We want to involve the community every step along the way.

This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions. We think that we are at the right scale and it is time to take more responsibility. We want to involve the community every step along the way.

Hi everyone. Reporting from Grandeur HQ here. We met last in December 2022 and hope you haven’t missed us since then. The past five months have again been one hell of a ride with lots of accomplishments and lots of learnings. We’ll get to them but we are in a mood to take the longer route. For those of you who still don’t know we’ll start with a brief revision of what Grandeur is all about and what we are aiming with it.

We’ll demonstrate the best of what we’ve launched in these past few months and share what we’re looking forward to next. So stay with us to the end of this week, we have quite a few surprises for you.

First, what Grandeur is about!

IoT is the driver of one of the biggest impact in the world. It has the potential to radically change our lives. In next 5-10 years, the number of connected devices would surpass four times the number of humans on this planet. We will be living in a world so smart, where machines will make peripheral and routine decisions for us. The next generation of startups will happen in this space and it is a huge economic opportunity for engineers and entrepreneurs. The possibilities are limitless and we are already seeing some massive success stories like Tesla, Nest, Ring, Bird, and Amazon Go.

But doing an IoT startup is a huge tech challenge because IoT development sucks. Even smaller engineering teams often require significant specialization in DevOps, infrastructure, and front-end engineering. Building anything takes a lot of time and experience. Much of the cost savings in manufacturing, that we have achieved in the last decade, have just been passed onto engineering salaries and increased development timelines. That’s why we started Grandeur.

It is all about making it easier and collaborative for developers to build smart devices. We are democratizing IoT for developers all over the world, pretty much how Heroku enabled a wave of SaaS companies or like how Firebase was at the centre of the mobile first movement and how Netlify literally pioneered the JAM Stack movement. Grandeur helps you skip the boilerplate and focus on building better hardware, eventually resulting in better user experience. And we built it for scale.

The Grandeur Journey

We launched Grandeur in late 2021 and today 2500+ developers are using Grandeur from 10+ countries. We are serving 6M+ API requests every month and we are a trusted platform for 30+ leading organizations and institutes all over the world.

Community growth

We hosted major community events in Pakistan and US. Wired is turning out to be a way for developers to network, get inspired and grow together. We impacted over 3000+ developers with our community meetups. Among the fastest growing developer communities of the region. It is a super community in the making.

Launch Week 1

Launch Week 1 was a huge hit with the whole Grandeur Team and community coming together. Back then we released extremely early versions of our features and since then its been a humbling experience building on top of that. With the beta versions in the picture in Launch Week one, it was pretty exciting launching those. We made it all about community. Community is important to get feedback, share progress, know what to build and where to grow next, create social proof, give the people a platform to engage themselves, and even to potentially get investors. That is exactly what we did in Launch Week 1.

Take a peek at what we did :

Launch Week: Grandeur 2.0 🔥

Launch Week: All About Community 🔥

What’s Cooking!

Like we mentioned in our previous launch week too, we strongly believe in the ideology of build in public so that is what we are going to do. The hardware community has been there always with us, in terms of support, feedback, code review and documentation. We built this platform with the community. This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions and we want to involve the community every step along the way. Safe to say we’ve been in the hyper frenzied super chill near catastrophic work mode for quite a while now and have been working on almost everything, and in the coming sessions this week, we will be releasing tons of new features:

  1. Grandeur 2.0 is formally here: we have revamped the entire experience of the platform and it surely is one of a kind 🔥.
  2. Consuming data is no more a hassle. You can now store and visualise tons of data using our platform. We’ve built another layer on top of REST API for you to use.
  3. Grandeur now lets you easily integrate and communication with multiple platforms. We took our DuoLingo lessons seriously and now speak multiple languages.
  4. We stan a king whose name is Jarvis( or Tony hehe). This should tell you about our next feature automatically. It’s the age of AI and we surely do not want to miss out. There are some pretty exciting things happening with our AI tools.
  5. One thing about us! We talk a lot! About ideas, innovations, ideologies, inventions and what not! So we’ve got people on board who’ll do the same.
  6. We are bringing new ways for the community to get involved, like this launch week but more.

What’s More

(add timing of sessions etc)

Stay with us. If you have any questions, feedback, or requests to make, discord is the fastest way to reach us because we are never off it. Join us there and we’ll see you on the other side.

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