Launch Week II : Kickoff πŸ”₯

May 2023

This is our effort to become more transparent about how we make decisions. We think that we are at the right scale and it is time to take more responsibility. We want to involve the community every step along the way.

Hey everyone, we hope you are doing amazing and I bet you missed us a lot. So in last launch week, we talked about how we are gonna come back to you guys very very soon. And we very thrilled to announce today that we’re back with launch week II.

Launch week was always about involving community at the very early stage of product development. And we wanted developers to help us find the next direction and help us iterate and evolve. In our first launch week, you helped us a lot. We evolved a lot, learnt a lot, and it helped us with our direction. So now in Launch Week II, we are thinking about taking everything a step forward.

Launch week was also about this idea that we wanted to identify key challenges and then we wanted to iterate on solutions as soon as possible. Sometimes with that thinking, we came up with products at a very early stage like even in alpha or beta. For this launch week we have some even more amazing ideas.

When we talk about IoT, we think of communicating data from devices to cloud and we talk about storing that data. But when we talk about IoT internally in Grandeur, our perspective is that IoT is also about to truly unleash the potential when you consume the data and when you feed the data back to the machine itself. And thats what we want in Launch Week II.

We want to talk about

  • how we can open our platform to more possibilities and how we are making it possible for developers to extend our platform and really build upon it.
  • We are also talking about how we can store large amounts of data in our platform.
  • And at the very end, we have this amazing announcement about the future direction of our platform.

So as we embark on this journey, we really invite all of you to be a part of this, develop with us, help us with your feedback, really involve with us, involve with our engineers, developers, and really lets take it forward from here.

Thank you so much!