How Grandeur Works

April 2023

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Here's a problem we can learn from

You’re planning to start an autonomous food delivery startup and but you have quite a few apprehensions regarding it. You are averse to the idea of underpaid labour and want to solve this problem through a tech-efficient drone-delivery service. You’ve seen other food delivery systems where orders are misplaced or delivered to the wrong customer. There’ve also been quite a few occurrences of food gone bad due to unsuitable conditions. Keeping all of this under consideration, you want to build a delivery box with a digital locking mechanism which can only be opened by an OTP the customer will add once the order is delivered and a temperature sensor so that optimum temperature can be maintained for the food. You’re already burdened by the responsibility of actually getting the food setup ready and these problems are bugging you. How will you get such a platform ready?

If you take things forward in a conventional manner, you'll need multiple engineers to work on frontend, backend, database, API development and building SDK’s like android, web and hardware etc, thus not only the estimated cost will turn out be a hefty sum but the development cycle will be time-consuming creating a hurdle to put the idea into production phase. Typically it takes a business idea like this about one year from the initial idea to product launch and their first paying customers if things go smoothly.

This is where `Grandeur` comes in, a tech-smart and cost optimal solution for all of your back-end problems.

You need a bridge between the drones and the cloud, Grandeur provides the communication network. You need to authenticate your users, Grandeur has the auth feature in it which could provide you with the OTP to open the delivery box. You need an online storage space to store your user's details, it comes with builtin support for storage. You need a database to store remote monitoring logs so that the rider can monitor the temperature of the food, it provides a cloud datastore service.

So what you essentially have to do is register for the platform, create a project and start integrating your apps and hardware with the SDK. Then finally you register your products to the platform and quickly go into the production phase. With minimal engineering time, your apps can be live on the store quickly. Grandeur also provides simple pricing plans for your requirements and little to no maintenance, which means cutting down your operations cost exponentially. Everything you build is secure and scalable.

In the long run, you can became a major disruptor to the current business model of food-delivery and distribution with your competitive advantage of cost reduction, efficiency increase and enhanced safety measures.